Curaco C.I

Curaco’s 4-Dot Logo

Curaco’s 4-dot logo is a visual representation of an intertwined virtuous circle. The 4-dot logo has dots with different hues and can be expressed in bluish, greenish, reddish hues.
The logo visually represents the virtuous circle from being a patient to becoming a caregiver.
What we envision is to witness patients who have received Curaco’s sincere care to recover to get
healthy enough to become a caregiver themselves. Curaco makes this happen with its creative ideas
and innovative technologies. This philosophy is expressed in short as
‘Care & Better’ which means “We Care to make you get Better”.

Curaco’s Colors

5 Keywords of the 4-Dot Logo

The Corporate Philosophy Behind the 4-Dot Logo

Curaco and Its Customers

Curaco, with a sincere ‘Caring’ heart, manufactures and supplies products in creative ways.
The customers who use Curaco’s products become ‘Better’ and they provide Curaco
with positive feedback. This is the virtuous cycle Curaco strives to establish for its customers.

Curaco and Its Employees

Curaco ‘Cares’ for its employees and provides them a creative environment to work in.
The employees then improve themselves and become ‘Better’. With a sincere ‘Caring’ heart,
the employees also try their best to make Curaco a ‘Better’ company.
This is the virtuous cycle Curaco strives to establish for its employees.