Established in 2007, Curaco Inc. is a forward-thinking company developing Patient CareBidet,
the automated excretion care robot, to resolve the shortage of caregiver resources
and lessen the burden of caregivers in this fast-aging society, heavily investing in R&D
and human resources to become a global leader in the senior care industry.
After years of strenuous product tests and trials, Curaco Inc. has introduced CareBidet
with superior performance and cutting-edge technology and is awarded CES 2020 Innovation Awards
in Heath and Wellness for its outstanding design and engineering,
setting a strong foothold as the global leader in the excretion management system and the senior care industry.

Curaco’s Competitiveness


117 global patents and IPRs
World No.1 product with
cutting-edge technology


The first foreign product listed as
Japan’s LTCI item 90% of purchasing
cost to be subsidized by the Japanese gov.


Capital investment from prominent
VCs at home and abroad
[JAFCO in Japan / Smilegate /
Naver Investment / IMM]

Business Scope

Manufactures and supplies care robots for socially
disadvantaged groups including bedridden patients, elders, and the disabled.