Curaco CareBidet,
the Innovative Patient Toilet Used in Bed

A groundbreaking solution that brings comfort to patients and caregivers
and to make surroundings clean and odorless.

Let CareBidet take care of
the most stressful task,
and we hope you lead a happier life.

Curaco aims to provide convenient quality care tools
to preserve patient dignity and ease caregiver burden.

Automatic Toilet for Patient Personal Hygiene
with Global No.1 Technology

USFDA Class II Registered
Japan’s Long Term Care Insurance (LTCI) Welfare Equipment Listed

Curaco CareBidet

Certified as a Green Product by Korean Ministry of Environment
Less CO2 Emissions Compared to Using Disposable Adult Diapers

Curaco CareBidet, the Discreet Patient Bidet in Bed,
Restores Patient’s Dignity and Makes Caregiver’s Life Easier.

Curaco CareBidet Key Features

IoT-Integrated Ergonomic Design
Global No.1 Excretion Care Robot Developed for Bedridden Patients

No special
mattress required
Washing and bidet

Designed for
Patient Comfort and Dignity

Developed by Forward-Thinking Curaco, Inc.


Key Technology

Curaco CareBidet is an excretion care robot,
specially designed for patients and elders with limited mobility. Washing, sucking, bidet, drying functions are operating even a patient’s position is slanted by 30 degrees.




Ergonomic Design

We are dedicated to developing optimal ergonomic design
to make CareBidet fit snuggly into different body types.
To this end, we carefully observed the actual user
environment and wholeheartedly listened to customer needs.


Original Technology

The world’s first gender modules enable
Curaco CareBidet to offer tailored features for female and male patients.

For Male

For Female

Burden Relief
has Finally Arrived.

Discreet and Sensitive Care
Will Bring You a Happier Morning.

See how CareBidet’s 4 Step-operations of
excretion detection, washing, bidet, and drying
can change your daily life.

Step 1 – Excretion Detection

Urine and feces are detected by embedded sensors.

Step 2 – Washing

Excretion is sucked up and moved to the Sewage Tank.

Step 3 - Bidet

Anus and genitals are washed with water using moving nozzles.

Step 4 - Warm Air Drying

Water temperature and pressure are adjustable.

No Specific
Mattress Required

Optimal Design to Fit Snuggly into User Body
Excretion Care System that Goes with Any Mattress

Globally certified
for product safety with patented technologies
No need to purchase a specific mattress

CareBidet is the Perfect Solution for
Those Who Suffer from Overwhelming Caregiving Burdens.

Envisioning a better future for patients, caregivers, and health care facilities,
Curaco is here to offer the Smartest Caregiving Solution.

Elders unable to perform
daily activities

Patients difficult to move
without help

Caregivers stressed out
with the overwhelming burden

Patients and families
wanting a hygienic environment
and improved quality of life

  • Kotari Yuji Case
  • Kotari Yuji: a Columnist, freelance writer for newspapers and websites, in his 60’s, bedridden since the fall of 2011 due toto subarachnoid hemorrhage, level 5 patient with the long-term care insuranc…
  • Case In Japan
  •   Caregiver’s Comment (Family) : It was not difficult to have the patient wear the device because how to wear was similar to what you do with paper diapers. I used the product both day and night…
  • Case in UAE
  • Caregiver’s Comment: It was a patient with infectious diseases including diaper rash and fungus caused by the use of paper diapers, and the measures to treat such infections were of gre…

Eco-Friendly, Future-Oriented Product

Curaco CareBidet is an eco-friendly device certified as a Green Product,
being an alternative to disposable adult diapers.
With its advanced innovative technologies to manage patient excretion in the smartest way,
it will be indispensable in the fast-aging future society where caregiver shortage will be a critical problem.

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Curaco CareBidet, the Excretion Care Robot for Patients and Caregivers.
The Smartest Rental Solution for Happier Life.