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What Is Curaco Carebidet?

Curaco Carebidet is the nursing care bidet (Automatic Toileting Aid System) for the bedridden. This ergonomically designed bidet is invented for people with limited mobility such as the elderly, patients, and the disabled.

When Curaco Carebidet detects urine and/or feces with its advanced built-in sensors, it automatically flushes excrement away, rinses, and air-dries the user’s body, ensuring cleanness and comfort for the user without use of disposable paper diaper.

Who Is It For?

Bedridden patients: the elderly, ill and disabled
Hospitals, Hospices, Welfare facilities, Senior-care facilities, Assisted-living facilities, Nursing homes

Why Use It?

For care receivers: bedridden patients including the elderly and the disabled

  • To improve personal hygiene
  • To provide physical comport as it detects urine and/or feces, automatically flushes, rinses, and air-dries
  • To uphold human dignity as it helps patients not to be ashamed or embarrassed
  • To help reduce fungal infections on the skin through prompt excrement disposal and air-dry
  • To prevent bladder infection and/or urinary tract infection often caused by use of paper diaper
  • To maintain emotional stability as it makes patients feel clean and fresh
  • To help relieve constipation and fecal incontinence

  • For care givers: family members, nurses, aides, carers, and health care facilities
  • To ease pressure on caregivers as the essential part of care being handled by Curaco Carebidet
  • To save time and efforts as diaper change is not required (especially at night)
  • To be free from odor, dirt, and mess
  • To get information on how many times the patient excretes

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