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How to use

If you set CURACO to Automatic Mode, it operates automatically by detecting urine/feces.

  1. 1. To set CURACO to Automatic Mode, put the diaper cup on to the patient and push the “AUTO” button on the control panel. The red dot on the button will light up, indicating that CURACO is ready to be operated automatically.
  2. 2. While CURACO is set to Automatic Mode with the red light on, if you push the “AUTO” button once again, the red light will be turned off and CURACO is set to Manual Mode (refer to “Manual Mode” below).
  3. 3. The LCD panel on the upper part of the control panel displays the number of cycles operated, water temperature set by the user, and how much of the sewage tank is filled.
  4. 4. During operation in Automatic or Manual Mode, the red light on the button of the currently operating cycle blinks, alerting the user to what CURACO is doing right now. When you want to stop the operation, press the “START/STOP” button once again, and then it will be stop with the red light on the button turning off.
    (If you stop it during operation, CURACO might need a little time to retrieve the cleaning water remaining in the diaper cup or hose for the next use.)
    • • Please make sure that the red light on the “AUTO” button is ON.
    • • When the water temperature gets lower than the pre-set level, the instant water heater will activate. This feature might need a little time to operate the cleaning cycle properly. In addition, if you supply hot water of 40C° or more directly into the water tank, CURACO will automatically stop operating for the patient’s safety.
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