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How to use

LCD Main Menu Panel should be checked on regular basis.

  1. 1. This manual mode should used if you need to use the <Flush> <Cleanse> <Dry> modes individually.
  2. 2. <Flush> <Cleanse> <Dry> modes can be used in Manual mode, and the user can choose the modes that they wish to use.
  3. 3. You can stop the mode by pressing the same button use to start it.
  4. 4. <Dry> mode does not need to be selected. If you use the <Flush> or <Cleanse> in manual mode, <Dry> mode will activate automatically.
  5. 5. The <Start/Stop> button can be used to stop the unit at any time.
    (You must allow several sec. to retrieve water in the hose to Water Tank.)
  6. 6. After the manual modes are used, the <Auto> button should be selected for the unit to go to Auto mode.

Note :
- Always check the selected Mode before and during use.
  When the water temperature drops below the set temperature, the unit will temporally stop all
  operations until the water temperature is within the set temperature. If you put water hotter than
  40 degrees in the water bottle, then the unit will stop operations.

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