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To our consumers

Please make sure that the date of purchase, the name of the retail shop, and the seller is recorded on this warranty when receiving this product. This warranty cannot be reissued. Please keep it safely in a proper place.

Regulations for repairs

  1. 1. If failure or damage occurs despite normal use conditions and following instructions and warnings from the installation, user manual, sticker attached on the product, and attention notes, then free repairs will be done.
  2. 2. If failure or damage occurs during the warranty period, then contact the retail shop or Curaco After-sales Service Center. In this case, please show this warranty.
  3. 3. Repairs will be made on a chargeable basis in the following cases, even within the warranty period
    • ① Failure or Damage due to user’s responsibility, improper repairs, and remodeling of the product.
    • ② Failure or damage due to removal of the product after installation.
    • ③ Failure of damage due to national disasters such as fire, earthquake, flood damage, or lightning or by environmental pollution, gas, or abnormal voltage.
    • ④ If not used for household, hospital, or nursing home (such as use for business affairs, vehicles, outdoors, or ships)
    • ⑤ Failure or damage due to sand, junk, or expendable supplies such as packing.
    • ⑥ If this warranty is not presented.
    • ⑦ If the name of customer, name of retail shop and date of purchase is not recorded, or if alteration on this warranty is found.
  4. 4. If damage occurs to the “DO NOT OPEN” sticker attached on the product, then free or chargeable repair will not be made.
  5. 5. As this warranty cannot be reissued, keep it safely in a proper place. We will provide you with free repair service based on the infor mation on this warrantyand if you are eligible. For other inquires such as repairs after the warranty period, contact the retail shop where you purchased this product
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