Q : What is Curaco CareBidet?

A : Curaco CareBidet is a “Smart Toileting Device” that eliminates the need for adult diapers or pads with numerous patented technologies and functions. When a user needs to eliminate urine or feces, the device activates computer automated sensors that detect the excreta, starts the suction that disposes of the waste, rinses and warm air-dries the user, through all in one water flow control, customized, cycle.

Q : Who is Curaco CareBidet designed for?

A : Any person who is bed or chair confined long term because of a spinal, nerve or muscle related condition, or serious illness, can benefit from the dignity and comfort that CareBidet offers in this most private of human functions. It is also beneficial for short term bed or chair confined people who are recovering from lower extremity fractures, require special post-surgical care or are encountering other situations that render them unable to toilet unassisted.

Q : What are the most appropriate user settings for CareBidet?

A : Skilled nursing facilities like nursing homes and rehabilitation centers, hospitals, and hospice care are all excellent settings for CareBidet.  It is also well suited to in-home care for users who want to remain with their families.

Q : Can a person who is wheelchair confined during the day and bed confined at night use CareBidet?

A : Yes!  CareBidet was designed to work when a user is lying on their back.  It will continue to work well if their head is elevated no more than ten (10) degrees or they are moved no more than thirty (30) degrees on either side. If a user sits at a 90-degree angle, in a motorized wheel chair or hospital chair, the CareBidet should be removed. Once back in bed and laying down, face up, it can be put back on

Q : Can children and teens use the device?

A : It depends on the size of the child or teen.  Their body must be able to accommodate the Bidet Cup which rests on top of the sacrum and curves up around the groin; and the Motion Control Wrap which encircles the waist and comfortably holds the Bidet Cup in place.

Q : Is there a weight restriction?

A : If a user has a Body Mass Index that indicates they are morbidly obese or significantly underweight, CareBidet may not be the best option for them.  The device design is based on body measurements, not necessarily BMI. If the buttocks is quite large, it is important to be able to comfortably spread the cheeks when putting the Bidet Cup on to make sure the entire area is thoroughly cleansed.  If there is too little skin it may feel uncomfortable.  Spacers can be added to the Bidet Cup to extend the measurements but the basic curvature cannot be made smaller.

Q : Can both males and females use it?

A : Yes!  With male users, it’s important to understand whether they have a large, small or average size penis.  The Male Gender Module can only accommodate penis sizes in the average and slightly larger than average range.  In some cases, males with a smaller than average penis can use the female Gender Module. There is no need to determine the size of the female vulva or outer part of the female genitals.

Q : Does a user have to be incontinent to use CareBidet?

A : No!  A user’s continence is not a restriction.  It works regardless of whether the user can or cannot feel the urge to empty their bladder and or bowels.

Q : What happens if a user is unconscious or cannot communicate?

A : CareBidet is especially helpful in these situations where a user cannot let their caregiver know they need to toilet.  The CareBidet automatically senses when urination or defecation begins, and it automatically starts the cleansing and drying cycle when toileting is finished.

Q : Can a user with dementia use CareBidet?

A : If a bed confined dementia user is prone to sudden movement or often tries to remove their diaper/adult brief, they are not a good candidate for CareBidet. If the Bidet Cup is not correctly put on the patient, the device may not work properly as there might be leakage problems. It’s always best to ask the physician whose care they are under to make a recommendation.

Q : Can a user with hip contracture use it?

A : It depends on what type of contracture the user has and how severe it is.  If the caregiver can attach the Bidet Cup comfortably to the user, it is perfectly safe to use the device.  In this situation it is especially important to make sure the Bidet Cup fits snuggly and comfortably with the user’s body.

Q : Can a user with diaper rash be fitted to CareBidet?

A : Yes! As long as the patient feels comfortable when the Bidet Cup is correctly put on and the device runs normally. CareBidet can actually aid in improving and resolving diaper rash because it keeps the groin area clean and dry.

Q : How does it work?

A : In AUTO Mode, when computerized sensors in the device detect urine or feces, they automatically trigger an airtight seal and start the functions of waste removal, warm water cleansing, and air-drying.  This is especially helpful when the user is sleeping, incontinent or unable to communicate they have an urge to eliminate. It also has a MANUAL mode that activates the removal, cleansing and drying functions. The device can completely remove urine and feces through its proprietary technologies and know-hows related to various body movements and excretion mechanisms.

Q : What are the main parts of the technology?

A : There are three:

  1. A Bidet Cup which fits over the user’s genitals and is held in place by a Motion Control Wrap.
  2. A tube that fits into the Bidet Cup and transports the waste, and water between the user and the Main Body Unit.
  3. A Main Body Unit which houses the computerized controls of the Display Panel and proprietary vacuum technology, a Water Tank and Sewage Tank.

Q : Can a Bidet Cup be shared by multiple users?

A : In principle, a Bidet Cup is for one user. However, if it has been thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, it can be reused on another user.

Q : Can a user be repositioned after attaching the Bidet Cup and Motion Control Wrap?

A : Yes!  Understanding how important it is to reposition bed confined users to prevent pressure ulcers, CareBidet was designed to enable a supine user to move by 30 degrees on either side, while using repositioning tools such as cushions or pillows. However, the user can’t sit up or move around with the device on, nor lift their head or legs by more than 10 degrees.

Q : Can it detect watery stool or diarrhea?

A : Yes! Based on the Bristol Stool Scale, stools from Type 1 to Type 6 are recognized as feces.  Type 7, which is liquid stool or diarrhea is often recognized as urine.

Q : an a user urinate and defecate simultaneously?

A : If a user urinates and defecates at the same time, it is mostly recognized as feces and both are removed at the same time.

Q : What happens when urine/feces are removed?

A : When the automatic sensors activate, the air and flush whisk the urine and feces into the Sewage Tank through the Sewage Tube which is attached at one end to the Bidet Cup and the other end to the Main Body Unit. The caregiver can easily remove the Sewage Tank and empty it into the toilet.

Q : How was the Sewage Tank designed to accommodate a user’s unique excretion needs?

A : Each user has a different volume and frequency of elimination.  The CareBidet Sewage Tank was designed to handle about 7 to 8 occurrences of urination and 1 or 2 large defecation per day.  The Control Panel automatically alerts the caregiver when the Sewage Tank is 70, 80 and 90% full.

Q : What is the maximum capacity of the Sewage Tank?

A : The maximum capacity is 5 liters or 170 fluid ounces.

Q : Where and how do you recommend cleaning the Sewage Tank?

A : In institutional settings, the Sewage Tank should be washed in a room designated for cleaning devices or equipment where there is access to water and a sink or shower stall. At home, the Sewage Tank can be washed in the bathroom or restroom where there is a toilet bowl, a sink or a hand held shower head. To clean, simply open the lid and cover of the Sewage Tank and use a hand-held shower head or faucet to wash it thoroughly with water.

Q : Is it easy to use for incontinent users?

A : In the Menu, you can select a mode for urinary incontinence or fecal incontinence.  It is easy to select menu and change settings according to the user’s condition.

Q : Can I change the device settings to adjust water temperature?

A : You can adjust the setting of all functions using the ‘Change Settings’ menu.  Water temperature has five (5) different levels from 1 being the lowest to 5, highest.

Q : Is there a detailed maintenance process?

A : Curaco CareBidet’s mechanical structure does not require frequent maintenance. Error messages are explained in detail in the User Manual.

Q : How often should the CareBidet be cleaned?

A : We suggest you clean it daily.  The entire process should take only about 30 minutes. The cleaning process is all automatic after preparation and change of mode.

Q : How do you clean the inside of the Bidet Cup?

A : The inner surface of the Bidet Cup should be cleaned with a wet sponge or cloth, using a neutral detergent.

Q : How do you clean the tube that connects the Bidet Cup to the Main Body Unit?

A : Select ‘Tube Cleaning’ from the Settings Menu.  It cleans and rinses the tube automatically.

Q : Is the Motion Control Wrap disposable? If not, how should it be cleaned?

A : The Motion Control Wrap is machine washable and reusable.  Use a warm water setting.  Line or tumble dry at a very low setting. Do not dry clean.

Q : What process should be used when disinfecting?

A :Put the ‘Plastic cover for cleaning’ in the place of the detachable cushion, and perform [Tube Cleaning] from the Menu. Afterward, fill the Disinfectant Tube with disinfectant, put it in the hole located on the Plastic Cover for Cleaning, and select [Tube Disinfecting] from the Menu.

Q : Can an odor be detected when a user urinates or defecates?

A : A Deodorization Filter installed inside the Main Body Unit eliminates any smell from human waste. However, in some cases, based on the user’s disease or condition, there may be a faint odor in the Bidet Cup when the user urinates or defecates. There will be no odor detectable in the Main Body Unit where excrement is captured in the Sewage Tank.

Q : Is CareBidet noisy when operating?

A : The actual noise has been measured at 55 decibels. That’s equivalent to the noise made by a quiet rated dishwasher.  However, the noise is only present when the Bidet Cup detects urine or feces and starts running.

Q : Do I need to use any special air mattress?

A : No! You do not need any special mattress.  You may continue using your mattress with Curaco CareBidet.

Q : Can it be used during a power outage?

A : No, it requires electric power to operate.  Obviously, most institutions have back-up generators, but not all homes do.

Q : Are there parts that need to be periodically replaced?

A : The Deodorization Filter should be replaced every 6 months.  A built-in filter at the bottom of the Main Body Unit should be changed annually. However, the replacement frequency may vary based on usage and user’s condition.

Q : How easy is it to install replacement parts?

A : t is a simple process and is explained in the User’s Manual.