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Japan PSE

Europe CE

ISO 9001

ISO 14001

Europe CE DOC

KC Safety Certificate

Industrial Convergence Leading Firm

Venture Company Authentication

Promising Export Firm Certificate

Foreign Invested Enterprise Certificate

Promising S&M Enterprise Certificate

Green Technology Certificate

Green Product Certificate

Corporate R&D Authentication


Good Design (Prime Minister) Award

2018 Korea Good Design Gold Prime (Prime Minister) Award

Certificate of Recognition

2016 Award in recognition and appreciation to the commitment and contribution of Curaco (Minister of Trade, Industry and Energy)

Best Korea Sharing Award

2011 Best Award for Curaco's dedication and contribution to the society and economy


(US) Apparatus and Method for Treating Excreta

(EU) Apparatus for Automatically Treating Excrement

(PCT) Apparatus for Treating Excreta

(PCT) Excreta Disposal Device Including Male Module Facing Body

(PCT) Apparatus for Automatically Treating Excrement

(US) Curaco Trademark