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Company Logo

Meanings of the 4-dot logo

The Curaco 4-dot logo symbolizes interlinking virtuous cycles.
The 4-dot logo represents the virtuous cycle of transforming a care receiver into a care giver.
We envision that patients receive sincere care from us, improve their health, and can become caregivers themselves.
We are committed to this transformation with creative ideas and advanced technology.
This vision is concisely reflected in the phrase, " C & B (Care & Better)" meaning that "We care to make you better"

5 Keywords behind the 4-dot logo.

① Care ② Better ③ Sincerity ④ Virtuous Cycle ⑤ Creativity


Business philosophy behind the 4-dot logo

1. Curaco & Consumers

It symbolizes the virtuous cycle of sincerely caring for our customers by creatively manufacturing our products, continuously improving our products, and receiving sincere feedback from our customers to make Curaco better.

2. Curaco & Employees

It is also a symbol of the virtuous cycle of caring for our employees to make them better and receiving their care to make Curaco better.