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Company History

  • 2018
    • 11Acquisition of two(2) Korean companies as subsidiaries
      U.S.FDA Registration (renewal)
      Earned 'Good Design Prime Minister' Award
      Participated in MEDICA International Medical Fair for eight(8) consecutive years
    • 06Established Curaco Japan, Inc. and registered for government supported
      sales product (start of Japan business)
    • 01Participated in ARAB HEALTH International Fair for seven(7) consecutive years
  • 2017
    • 09Earned 'Innovative Performance' for R&BD Project Comprehensive Evaluation
      (Ministry of Industry and Energy)
    • 07Acquired 'Korea Testing Certification' for cleansing and disinfecting (KTC)
      Earned 'Prospective Small and Mid-Size Export Company Certificate'
    • 04Signed Exclusive Distributorship Agreement with JWM in Korea
      Obtained PSE Certificate (Japan)
      ISO9001, ISO14001 Registration
    • 01U.S.FDA (renewal)
  • 2016
    • 11Earned 'Industry Convergence Invigoration and Supply Diffusion Award'
      (Ministry of Industry and Energy Award)
    • 10Earned 'Certificate for Industry Convergence New Product Conformity'
    • 09Signed Distributorship Agreement in Japan (With, Ltd.)
    • 04Attracted 2nd overseas and domestic funds
  • 2014
    • 12Obtained 'Function Invention Reward for Excellent Firm' Certificate
    • 10Acquired 'Venture Company Confirmation Certificate'
    • 07USFDA Registration (First Registration)
      Designated for Japan 'Long Term Care Insurance' covered item
  • 2013
    • 11Attracted 1st overseas fund
    • 10Earned 'Prospective Small and Mid-Size Company Certificate'
    • 08Earned 'Green Certificate' (Ministry of Environment)
    • 03IP Star Company Designation
  • 2012
    • 07Formed partnership with KITECH
  • 2011
    • 11Participated in MEDICA International Medical Fair Germany)
    • 05Awarded 'Korea National Assembly Sharing Grand Prize'
      (Congress Knowledge Economy Chairman Award)
    • 02Obtained Europe's CE Certificate (First Certification)
  • 2010
    • 09Obtained KC Certificate
  • 2007
    • 06Company founded
  • GD_Award_01Good Design Award
  • arab_health_2019Arab Health Exhibition
  • Medica_2018_01Medica Exhibition
  • 2018_Barrier_Free_01Barrier-Free Show
  • Hong_Kong_2017_01Hong Kong Expo Media Day