Automatic Toileting Aid System CURACO at our home! What is it? <CURACO, how it looks like> I got the Automatic Toileting Aid System CURACO at my home. I used a similar product about two years ago, and the product was too big to be used in my 23m2 bedroom. CURACO, however, is about the half size smaller than the previous one. Might be about the size of a portable toilet? Using a portable toilet beside my bed is fine as it is small enough to fit well in the space. CURACO device is different from others, because its tube is so big that a tennis ball would pass through. At the other end of the tube, there is a sleek and curved, thin and long cup that would cover anus and urethra, with a waterproof fabric diaper cover. When a person wears this cover, it looks like a thick tube is long spread from the inner femoral region. I can manage my life! CURACO may be a solution that helps to solve toileting problem. It is embarrassing to say but I do not know when I pass urine. It is impossible to wait; it is just about a time of passing urine if I try to make urine. When my wife asks me whether I want to go to toilet, of course I know whether I want to or not, but it is true that I just pass urine on the way to toilet. If I can feel exactly when to go to toilet, I think I can go to toilet and try to pass urine. I have constipation so I can sense for taking feces. However, I can’t speak, therefore without someone who helps me, I become failed to do so. 8 times out of 10, would I succeed? That is why I am so thankful to my family members, who know my feces signal. A person like me can manage life without help. Bed automatically does help to change my body position so that I can stay longer. However, the problem still lies in toileting and water. Once these issues are settled down, I would say to my family “I am fine. Go do whatever you want to.” Wouldn’t it be great? I expect that the use of CURACO would give family members more free time. Feel comfortable. Fits right in from hip to front part. I don’t know why I cannot control my incontinence. But the problem has been settled down by use of, I would say, my friend CURACO. I had talked with a man who is 10 years older than me, and he said that he had a problem for having right timing for passing urine even though he has no specific health issues. He just passed the urine on the way to the toilet. He also said to me that there are many people who have the same problem although they never talk about it. I could understand what he said as toileting issue is very sensitive and it made me feel kind of relieved and thankful. Therefore, I tried to use CURACO at night when I usually do not move for a long time. The advantage of CURACO is that it feels comfortable in the private parts when wearing it. I feel nothing about the cup part. I would not sleep well if I feel that something touches me when I lie down. This CURACO device fits right in to your body from hip to front part. When I took off CURACO, track occurred, probably because it was attached too tightly. However, I had to make it stick to my body not to see urine leaking. Of course, it does not hurt at all. Keeping clean! How awesome it is! Another benefit of CURACO is that the consumables are not so much costly. Once, I used an automatic urine collector rented from Japanese long-term care insurance, which made me purchase the exclusive and expensive paper pads. Compared to that product, CURACO is economic because it comes with a clothing cover which can be reused after laundering. My wife was not confident enough about how the clothes cover alone can be fine while the device goes to the private parts. However, she realized that CURACO immediately sucks up urine and feces, so making CURACO’s tightly sticking to the private parts would prevent any leaks. I was wearing it until next morning, and there was no leak at all. When I slept with wearing CURACO, I realized something. CURACO sounded like “Shoua” sometimes; sounds of sucking, cleaning, and air-drying, which means I was passing urine without me feeling it. Unfortunately, I did not make feces while I tried to do so at my trial nights. However, the skin that was surrounded by diaper covers was kept fluffy with no smell. CURACO is a necessity for bedridden patients. CURACO will give a hand for health care facilities. I am not perfectly bedridden person. If there is any family member at home I would wake up during daytime and sit on wheelchair for a while, which makes me take off CURACO and wear a paper diaper. Then, when I go to bed, I would wear CURACO again, which is quite hard. So, I decided to use CURACO only when I go to bed at night or when my family members go out for a long time. It made me come to think that “Isn’t the rental fee little expensive?” However, I strongly recommend bedridden patients wear CURACO. I also believe that CURACO will give a hand to health care facilities which are in great needs of aids. CURACO will make life easier for caregivers by reducing burdens of exchanging diapers at night. For not only health care facilities but also in general homes, CURACO must be well published and be known, for it to be used easily with affordable price in the end. Family member’s caring burden reduced significantly. Hope they can spend more free time. After another 2 weeks, I had an abdominal pain. I had water feces even before thinking about going to toilet, and my bed sheet became dirty several times. I felt uneasy of my hip and its surroundings. Moreover, in my room, smell was very offensive. <Warm water and warm air make hip clean and fresh.> After passing a half day, my wife came back home. I got medicine prescribed by my doctor and wore CURACO. I had diarrhea about 4 times at night. CURACO washed my hip right away. And, it dried, too. I believe CURACO significantly reduces my family’s burden for care. One can Imagine how difficult it is if one has to wake up many times during night time to carry him to toilet, and moreover it has to take him to wheelchair when it has to clean dirty bed. Having no smell, and considering these advantages, I think the rental fee of using CURACO might be not so much a burden. For me, and moreover for my family members, CURACO is great. Link to article:
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Kotari Yuji, a Level 5 Patient of the Long-Term Care Insurance in Japan Curaco Carebidet (Automatic Toileting Aid System, distributed by WITH Inc.) has come to my house. That is a device with a specially designed diaper cup to flush urine and feces for bedridden patients, collecting waste into the main body unit. Not only flushing, has it automatic functions such as something like bidet, cleaning the dirty bottom with fresh water reserved in the main body and even warm air-dry. As a matter of fact, I encountered a similar product from another company about two years ago which was also hailed as a new product, however, Curaco looks slimmer about a half in size, as small as a portable urinal. Thanks to the deodorizing filter with activated carbon, bad smell disappears while the device is running. I am told that Curaco was invented from personal experiences of the founder whose father was a bedridden and thus the family had a lot of trouble in changing paper diapers, trying to figure out how to prevent or reduce diaper leakage and skin rashes. After using it myself for a night, I thought, instead of using dirty paper diapers, it might be a great solution for personal hygiene as the device keeps the body clean and fresh all the time. You can rent it out as Curaco is registered in the Long-Term Care Insurance. I believe this is the very solution to ease the burden of changing diapers throughout the night and prevent bedsores as well. Let me get back to you after spending some more time with this high-tech gizmo. (Kotari Yuji: Columnist, freelance writer for newspapers and websites, in his 60’s, bedridden from the fall of 2011 due to subarachnoid hemorrhage, level 5 patient of the long-term care insurance) Link to article:
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